Why Our Church

LakewoodGrace is for you.

LakewoodGrace is a church for people who enjoy life and struggle with life.

It’s a church for the believer, doubter, skeptic, addict, questioner, and wonderer.

It’s a church for nerds and cool kids, artists and accountants, jocks and mathletes.

We welcome sinners, losers, outcasts, and winners.

Soldiers, veterans, civilians, first responders, secret agents, ex-cons, and cons that haven’t been caught yet (be cool though!) are welcome here.

LakewoodGrace is a church for families, singles, happily married/unhappily married, newlyweds, widows, widowers, divorcees, dating couples, and people who can’t get dates.

LakewoodGrace is for you!

LakewoodGrace is the offsite ministry of The Little Church on the Prairie

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